For Sale Radial Engineering 4-Play DI box for up to 4 instruments - NIB

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    Selling a brand new in the box, unused and factory sealed Radial Engineering 4-Play Multi-Output DI Box. This awesome device lets you silently switch between up to four instruments yourself while on stage without the sound guy needing to do anything. It has 4 XLR outputs, so each instrument gets its own dedicated channel in the mixing board. It has a single input, so you can swap your instrument cable between instruments (use as many different instruments as you like - you are not limited to just 4, as long as you realize there are only 4 different outputs.) Also has a dedicated tuner output, and is built like a tank, like all Radial stuff.

    Very slick!

    See more info here: 4-Play™ Multi-Output DI Box

    Amazon price: $279.99.

    Talkbass friends and family price: $199 shipped to CONUS. Additional charge for global shipping.

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