Radial JDI Direct Box (Australia or Worldwide)

Discussion in 'For Sale: Europe & International' started by icarussmicarus, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. Barely used Radial JDI, I bought this to do some demo recording but my guitarist went out and bought more expensive stuff so I'm not using it it.

    Pretty much flawless condition and comes with the original box and documents, literally barely used.

    Cheapest Aussie price is 400AUD

    I'm looking for $250AUD plus $10 for shipping.

    Edit: Now with pic!
  2. Have you used this with passive basses before? How does it fare? This is veeeeery tempting.
  3. I've used with it with both active and passive basses for a brief time home recording and was very happy with it. I also used it at a few gigs and it's a million times better than the crappy behringer DI's all the venues try and shove at ya. It's also awesome that it's passive because you don't need to fiddle around with power supplies.

    I recommend it, I paid alot for it, it's a bargain at this price and I took very good care of it!
  4. Bump for pic addition!

    As you can see, its minty fresh
  5. Okzor. Just one last bump, this is heading to Aussie ebay tomorrowz.