SOLD Radial JDV Mk 3 Class A Direct Box

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  1. NapaSmith


    Sep 17, 2017
    This lived under a stage for an acoustic guitar. Smoke free church. And maybe some studio work as well. I'm the original owner. Includes power supply. No scratches, no dents. The bottom foam got pushed about a little but is still intact.

    My sound friends like it because you've got two inputs you can A/B and the new ones don't.

    Radial's flagship direct box
    Active class A feed-forward circuit design
    30V internal rail voltage
    4 instrument amplifier outputs
    Balanced out
    Drag control for pickup load correction
    3.9 Mohm input impedance for piezo pickups
    Hi-pass and lo-pass filters
    LED status indicators
    Polarity reverse

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