SOLD Radial Tonebone v1

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    Radial Bassbone V1: it's in really good, clean shape, and works as it should. This pre is clean and versatile! Two inputs. ch1 gives 2 selectable contours which are mid-scoops. ch2 has a 3-band EQ. there is an effects loop (requires a trs y cable), and an adjustable boost on the left switch. One stomp gets you boost, or loop, or both. superflexible!
    The box runs on 15v and the factory power supply is included.

    Priced to go at $109 shipped via UPS in the Conus. Paypal is fine.

    IMG_1403.JPG IMG_1452.JPG IMG_1453.JPG IMG_1454.JPG IMG_1455.JPG