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Radiohead tickets.....$5000+???

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by ThudThudThud, Jan 27, 2017.

  1. ThudThudThud


    Jun 4, 2010
    I saw that Radiohead have announced playing at the Santa Barbara County Bowl soon.
    Initially I was looking through the ticket prices, and they had some at $9200 each. Now I'm seeing that they are in the $5400 range. Perhaps the $9200 tickets have sold out.
    Is this normal? Even nosebleed section tickets are close to $600 each.
  2. Obese Chess

    Obese Chess I'm Your New Dad Supporting Member

    Sep 4, 2005
    Portland, OR
    Gen Admission was $55-95 here, though robots bought them all up immediately and who knows what scalpers are charging.

    Scalpers are trying to get $450 for the Run The Jewels show here in a week or so and Gen Admin on those was $20, so $5,000 probably isn't unreasonable to a scalper for a Radiohead show.

    Glad I got to see 'em when I did, I suppose.
  3. ThudThudThud


    Jun 4, 2010
    This is just silly. How much would it cost me to just have Radiohead play my back yard?
  4. No band on a Earth, no matter how much you like them, or worship them, as the case may be, is worth a 5K ticket, period, unless you have enough money for solid gold bathroom fixtures and live peacocks in your living room, (and of course lackeys to clean up after them), and you are exceedingly foolish with said money.
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  5. two fingers

    two fingers Opinionated blowhard. But not mad about it. Gold Supporting Member

    Feb 7, 2005
    Eastern NC USA
    Couldn't have said it better myself......Peacock poop and all.
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  6. ThudThudThud


    Jun 4, 2010
    They're certainly not worth a $55,999.00 ticket.
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  7. Agreed.
  8. Dean N

    Dean N

    Jul 4, 2006
    Pittsburgh, PA
    But.. but... what if Bonzo magically reappeared and they all decided to play a one-off at Red Rocks and you could get front row for 5 grand.. . Right in front of JPJ.. Hmmm. Thats a tough call, even if you dont crap in a gold toilet.
  9. ThudThudThud


    Jun 4, 2010
    Meh. Never was a Zeppelin fan.
  10. MonetBass

    MonetBass ♪ Just listen ♫ Supporting Member

    Sep 15, 2006
    Tulsa, OK
    For me, I have a hard time spending much more than $100 for a concert ticket, no matter who the band/artist is. I just can't justify supporting the greedy ticket brokers and resellers. What sucks is that for some of the older artists, touring is their sole source of income.
  11. I'm so glad that the majority of shows I've seen were in small clubs for around $12

    I can't recall what I paid to see Metallica at the L.A. Forum, but I was so far away from them compared to when I saw them in the 80s, that I decided that would be my last Metallica show
  12. Obese Chess

    Obese Chess I'm Your New Dad Supporting Member

    Sep 4, 2005
    Portland, OR
    Yeah I think I paid $30 to see Radiohead in 03-04ish.
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