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    I am a newbie and have been searching the forum for an explanation of radius on the fretboard. I just looked at some specs on the Fender sight and the fretboard had a radius of 12" !!!!! Does the term 'radius' mean something different or should have I not gone to catholic school?

    Also what is 'wenge' when referriing to a neck?
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    The radius is "A line segment that joins the center of a circle with any point on its circumference" in dictionary terms. In instrument design, think of it as starting at point A on the outside (circumference) of a circle, and ending at point B - the radius is the distance between the two. It's basically how much "curve" a fingerboard has. Vintage Fenders and reproductions have (I believe) a 7.5" radius, while newer models have 12". Extended range basses usually have a greater radius, as less curvature typically makes them easier to play. For instance, my Yamaha RBX-775 has a 600 mm (23-point-something inch) radius.

    Wenge is a wood, most commonly used for necks and fingerboards.

    Wedge was Luke Skywalker's wingman and later commander of Rogue Squadron. :D
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