Rafael Paseiro -"El Protagonista" Complete Bass TRANSCRIPTION

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  1. Ian Stewart

    Ian Stewart Supporting Member

    Aug 3, 2017
    New York City
    Here's another great example of Rafael Paseiro from the same Bamboleo album (Ya no hace falta [1999]) as the last video I posted. I've got a few more transcriptions of him I'll be putting up in the coming weeks. It's been great to re-visited these Bamboleo transcriptions as I did them 8 years ago when I first started really getting into Timba. Enjoy!
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  2. GastonD


    Nov 18, 2013
    Belgrade, Serbia
    Would you mind giving us a brief (or not so brief) account of how you got to go so deep into Latin music?
  3. Ian Stewart

    Ian Stewart Supporting Member

    Aug 3, 2017
    New York City
    Hey man!

    Yes, certainly. I'll try to make this brief if I can.

    I first became interested in Latin music in my teens. However, there weren't any gigs for that music in my hometown (Syracuse NY) so there really wasn't a chance to get any experience with it. When I was at SUNY Purchase working on my undergrad, I played in the Latin Jazz Big Band that Ray Vega directed. That being said, I quickly realized that I was very weak in playing Afro-Cuban music specifically.

    When I moved from New York to Chicago in 2008 I was lucky enough to start playing salsa and Latin Jazz gigs around town. I was still very shaky when it came to playing the music, but the musicians in Chicago were somewhat patient with me and I started getting more comfortable playing the music. I started to get really serious about it when I started playing Cuban Music (Timba) and began obsessively transcribing albums my Cuban musician friends were showing me. This transcription was one of those early ones I did during that time.

    Getting into Timba was kind of a "lightbulb moment" for me. For some reason, it helped me understand how clave and Afro Cuban rhythms work better than playing salsa and other more traditional styles. I found myself getting better at the music a lot faster than before. For some people it's the opposite, so go figure.

    When I moved back to New York in 2013 I was fortunate to meet and befriend one of my favorite bassists, John Benitez, and started subbing for him on a lot of gigs. I also wrote 2 books about him, one in 2015 and another in 2018. In the past 7 years of being back in NY, I would say about 90% of the gigs I've done have been Cuban music gigs, with some South American (Peruvian, Brazilian, Venezuelan) and Latin jazz gigs here and there. Somehow, I went from a person who could barely play the music for years, to someone known for specializing in it. I guess it's pretty much my niche now, for better or for worse haha. I think it's pretty cool :)

    That's the short version. I hope that was what you were looking for. Cheers.
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