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Rainbow Machine

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Musicman1901, Feb 23, 2014.

  1. Musicman1901

    Musicman1901 Supporting Member

    Jun 1, 2012
    Rochester, NY
    Has anybody ever played around with the rainbow machine on bass? Seems like a neat little pedal. A little pricey for a noisemaker though. Has anybody found band applicable ways to use it? Seems like it could be a fun pedal but would like to hear form people who have used it before I dump $200+ on it. Thanks everybody!
  2. ryansalmond


    Nov 21, 2007
    If you happen to get one of the zoom multistomps (though I'm not sure if this is on the bass one, I've got the bluetooth one), it's actually on there as the pitch-shift-delay.
  3. The pitch delay isn't quite the same thing. You can mix the pitch delay with some other effects to get some rainbow machiney sounds but there is more to it than pitch delay.
  4. I'd love to have a one. There's a video of Nick Reinhart playing with one on Pedals and Effects. He gets some weird flanger and chorus sounds besides the usual madness that the Rainbow Machine does.
  5. Musicman1901

    Musicman1901 Supporting Member

    Jun 1, 2012
    Rochester, NY
    I really wanna hear some bass demos of it. It's all guitar stuff
  6. It works well on bass. I played my bass through it for a little bit before I listed it on ebay (it was the guitarist's pedal). In fact, check ebay for one, his sold for about $150.
  7. Musicman1901

    Musicman1901 Supporting Member

    Jun 1, 2012
    Rochester, NY
    150 is not bad. I would be hesitant to pay 215 for it but 150 is reasonable. It looks like a cool pedal
  8. BioDriver

    BioDriver A Cinderella story

    Aug 29, 2008
    Austin, TX
    I know Juan Alderete used it with The Mars Volta on some of the Nocturniquet tracks and uses it with Zavalaz. I haven't tried it myself but it seems like an interesting little box.
  9. lukylutte


    Oct 14, 2004

    I have one and it's a really fun effect. Perfect for outro or weird ambient break.
    You can listen to it on "f-version of" and "weird rainbow ambient" tracks on my soundcloud.


    For me it's a keeper but cannot us it more than twice on a gig!

    Hope that help!:p
  10. jbybj

    jbybj Supporting Member

    Jun 11, 2008
    Los Angeles
    With the pitch just above or below flat and the delay down to the shortest it does a wicked deep chorus effect. Reminds me of Souxsie and the banshees in 1980 I really like it for that. Then there is infinite weird sh@t with trails and dissonance. But as a chorus, it really stands out.