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Rained on twice in one weekend

Discussion in 'Bass Humor & Gig Stories [BG]' started by stagebanter, Jul 8, 2013.

  1. stagebanter


    May 12, 2012
    Hello all my fellow composition definers!

    Last weekend we played two outdoor gigs in the same day and got rained on at BOTH of them! The stage was covered each time. At the first gig, the wind was strong enough to blow rain under the balcony and get all over our gear. We were able to dry everything out before the next gig - first one ended about 5:00 and we didn't have to load in at the next show until 8:00, though we did cut it pretty close, somehow.

    Then, at the next show, as we were about to set up, a HUGE storm came through and soaked the hell out of everything! The techs cut the power to the stage and we waited out the rain. Eventually it stopped, they dried out the distributor box, and we got things rolling (an hour and a half late). We played an extra-long raging set to make it up to all the people who hung out in the mud just to party with us.

    Those MarkBass amps are tough. Mine took on several gallons of water and still works fine. I tested all the components I could reach easily with a multi-meter, lol.

    Man, I'm so glad that insurance is a thing, or I might have got an ulcer from seeing everything get so wet. There were zero gear casualties though, phew.
  2. oerk


    Oct 16, 2009
    That is bad. Glad that everything worked out for you, though. Speakers (at least with paper cones) don't like water either, and it's entirely possible that the effects of soaking them surface later.

    I won't play outdoor gigs without a covered stage anymore. Though that didn't seem to help in your circumstances either.
  3. jaywa


    May 5, 2008
    Iowa City, IA
    Yeah that's the dark side to outdoor gigs. I had one this year where we had to call the gig after 3 songs and another one last year where it started downpouring right before we took the (uncovered) stage and we never got to play a note. Thankfully we received full pay for both gigs.

    We never roll to an outdoor gig without enough tarps for all of our gear and plenty of bungee cords to secure them in wind. And we're usually pretty quick to call the gig on account of rain if it looks like it's gonna be more than just a few sprinkles. Most of the time we are using our own P.A. and lights... at least a $30,000 investment right there before you even figure in personal gear. We've got too much at stake to risk.
  4. stagebanter


    May 12, 2012
    I've been trying to figure that one out. It looks like the cone is coated in some sort of acrylic to protect it from water. The water beaded on the surface instead of soaking in, anyhow.
  5. oerk


    Oct 16, 2009
    Then you're probably fine, provided it wasn't too much water. Uncoated speakers you have to worry about. Is the dust cap coated too?
  6. Hi,

    Wow, that could have been a disaster. Beyond damage to your gear, I have seen guys knocked down when huge sparks fly from their mic and hit them in the face. Some guys bring rubber mats to the gig to stand on if there is a chance of rain. Of course, if everything is properly grounded there is much less chance of being shocked or electrocuted. But I'm sure we've all played on some stages with questionable AC. I'm glad you and your gear is OK.

    Thank you for your indulgence,