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raising the strings to get dead nots out >:(

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by Jsacci(DT), Mar 31, 2004.

  1. Hey, I had to RAISE my bass string to get all the stupid dead note sout, now its hard as hell to play. I got an Alzerez. If i lower the strings every frett becomes a dead note . So, can anyone walk me through how to fix this problem. Or should I go ahead and take it to my local music store, and get it fixed proffesionaly for 50 greens :crying:

    Up The Irons :bassist:
  2. Umm, have you just raised the action? If so, go to the Gary Willis website and do a full setup job, read the thing from beginning to end. Theres another site but you can run a search to find that.

    I don't exactly get what you mean by dead note sound, I'm assuming its fret buzz you're talking about? Dead notes are different, and if you have them all over the neck no amount of setting up will help. That said, my understanding of dead notes says they couldn't be everywhere on the neck.

    Josh D
  3. Its a Fret Buzz
  4. Thought so. Head yourself over to Gary Willis' instructions on setup.

    What I think you have is a fair bit of bow in your neck (not sure what sort, you haven't specified where the buzz is, and its irrelevant anyway), so to account for it you've just raised the action. Take it all slow, rushing the process can be disasterous, check the thread about truss rod adjustment that should be somewhere near this one.

    Josh D
  5. Thx. The buzzing its mainy from the 7th or 9th fret down

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