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Rana Ross Memorial

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by JAUQO III-X, May 5, 2003.


    JAUQO III-X Banned

    Jan 4, 2002
    Endorsing artist:see profile.
    for those who knew Rana and would like to pay respect to a beautiful person
    Rana Ross Memorial

    A message from the family of Rana Ross...

    As many of you know, Rana Ross passed yesterday.
    Despite how you
    now her
    (as a writer, a musician, a friend, a business
    http://www.bassgirl.com/, she was so much more than that. She
    her husband John Ross, her mother Anne St.
    George, her sister Reesa
    George and brother-in-law Bill Cuffari, her aunt
    uncle, Louisa and Ted Klopsis, and cousin
    Eugenia Klopsis.
    She was a great bass player. But More than all
    of that, she was a
    Brooklyn girl from way back - tough, cool, she had this
    voice that would
    socks off... oh, she was the best.... you know
    that, though.

    This is an invitation to Rana's memorial
    service. Please contact me
    if you
    need further information give us a call (please
    don't e-mail about
    service unless phoning is out of the question)
    and please forward
    this to
    whomever you think would be interested to come.
    She was our best friend. We loved her
    completely. Now we know she
    need anything else. She is free.

    Rana was and still is in our eyes a SUPER person
    who has been
    strong for many years. She is talented, intelligent, amazing,
    awesome, and
    every descriptor and superlative that can be
    thought of. She was
    a very
    strong figure in our lives as far as we can
    remember. She was
    working on
    her first solo cd for some time now and was very
    appreciative of
    gestures her
    producer, Jeff Moleski, made as he basically
    moved his studio into
    her house
    and committed to work on her cd with her at her
    own pace until

    Rana will be missed completely by so many people
    who recognized her
    worth, talent and spirit. This is such a GIANT
    void in our lives
    that we
    can't even begin to work through. We're hoping
    that all of you
    have a
    chance to visit us and let us know in what way
    she influenced your

    where: 442 south ogden (park la brea) home of
    Marie-Laure Bastide
    when: Tuesday may 6th 6pm from 6pm-10pm ish
    contact: susan 323.251.9025 or reesa
    if you have trouble with security at the gate,
    please tell them you
    are there for the Bastide party (give the address).
    Her phone number is
    1225, or you can also call Dee at 323. 30.2656

    please bring, stories, pictures, memories,
    videos, music...
    to join
    us together in loving memory.