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  1. therex


    Jun 24, 2007
    i think its time to get a decent amp, i was thinking this could be the one, any opinions on it? i`ll try it before buy but some opinions on it would help
    i am looking for a bif fat sound, very punchy
    i play a p bass with rounds but i think i am going with flats since i like old rounds better than new shiny ones
    BTW its used,

    sorry for my english
  2. MIJ-VI

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    Jan 12, 2009
    Here's some.

    Some more.

    Randall RB100 Bass Combo Amplifier Features:

    100W power
    15" high-performance Eminence driver with piezo tweeter
    1/4" input jacks
    Pre-gain level: adjusts input volume level
    Contour: voicing adjustment for preamp
    Built-in compressor/limiter
    Bass, middle, treble controls with mid-frequency sweep
    9-band graphic EQ
    Balanced XLR line out
    Effects loop
    Headphone out
    External speaker jack
    21.5"W x 29.5"H x 16.5"D