Random bass pic of the night- tort, black, maple, vintage P bass, G&L, Musicman content, lol

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  1. 4stringsjack


    Dec 5, 2002
    Black/maple/tort/P/G&L/Musicman content not all in one bass, obviously.

    I pulled these basses out to see if the G&L or the MM could cop a reasonably believable P tone. Why? I need to thin the herd at some point. One of them does a very good job of it. Guess which one? Aside from the P bass, of course- that was the reference point. (Additional info- the Sabre has a series/parallel switch for the neck pickup. It replaced the utterly useless phase switch.) If either the G&L or the MM could do a decent P imitation it would have a variety of other tones available as well, so I wanted to see which would come closest to a P "plus".

    3bassbodies.jpg 3basses.jpg
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  2. hondo4life

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    Feb 29, 2016
    I was expecting one mega frankenbass. Oh, well. That's some good looking tort, and I'm not even a tort fan.
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  3. two fingers

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    I'm guessing either one would get close enough for rock n roll. I'm guessing the Saber neck pickup in parallel gets the closest. But the G&L neck pickup solo probably does OK too.
  4. Inara

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    Jun 12, 2017
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    I'd guess the G&L, just because its neck pickup is right around the P bass sweet spot. The Music Man neck pickups are always to close to the neck, for me. But when you take electronics into account, including the series/parallel option on the Sabre neck pickup, I wouldn't be surprised to be wrong!