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  1. Big Bass Pow Wow. Just picked this CD up a few days ago - entertaining and informative! Was this commercially available or just a promo-only thing? Curious about the story behind the change of words on Formal Introduction...caught me off guard and made me laugh. Anyway, on to the bass question - on Ragin' Full On, it almost sounds as if you are playing fretless. Do you play fretless on that album (one of my favorites, by the way - Chemical Wire changed the way that I thought about the bass)? It sure does sound like it on some sections. Sometimes like a Tuba! p.s. Ever think of taking Dos out on the road in the future? After the Bass/organ/drums record, of course.
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    Aug 24, 2001
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    hi jason,

    the only time I've ever recorded w/a fretless was w/the guild ashbory (http://hootpage.com/ashbory.jpg)
    for elliot sharp's _bootstrappers_ improv project (along w/george hurley on drums) in the late 80s. it's tiny and has silicon "rubber band" strings.

    as for _dos_, we're playing a couple gigs coming up and working on a fourth record. we'll be playing out more.

    the "big bottom pow wow" was a promo only cd put out by columbia around the time of fIREHOSE's "mister machinery operator" (1992).

    on bass, watt