Rare Ampeg on Ebay ?

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  1. I saw this amp on Ebay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/261718548572?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK:MEBIDX:IT I thought I was looking at a EG brand bass amplifier, model number 300B. These amps were made in Taiwan for a Garden City Park, New York company called Music Technology Incorporated untill 1987. I asked the seller why the word Ampeg was in her description she replied: "Because Ampeg is the company that made this amp. EG amplification Products and AMPEG are the same company. Evidentially EG was left to Hull who changed the name of the company to AMPEG. If you Google EG 300B bass amp. You will find AMPEG. I also check with music store who gave me this information also. Thanks so much. Hope that helps. Take care. God bless, Joy." Now my mind is blown on so many levels. I take a lot of pride in being an all knowing all seeing deity, but this has got me doubting my sanity. Wikipedia can't help me, is anybody in here familiar with this amp?
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  2. Nothing about that story makes sense. Hull founded Ampeg in the 1940's, which stood for "Amplified Peg". The company was based in New Jersey. Eventually Hull sold the company, to Unimusic. and eventually it was sold to Magnavox, and then eventually to MTI. MTI imported amplifiers from Japan and eventually Ampegs were imported, made by overseas contractors...After a few years Ampeg was sold again, to SLM.

    I believe this is merely an imported amp from the early '80's MTI era made by overseas contractors which just got the "EG" label instead of being labeled Ampeg. No connection with Hull or New Jersey. I'm sure there's much more knowledgeable folks than me, I'm going on the info in my Ampeg book as wella s some other sources.
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    Everett Hull, the original head of Ampeg, had zip to do with these amps. These were put out by MTI, made in Japan, and called "EG" amps as sort of a play on the word "AmpEG." Whoever told you that story is either very badly misinformed or lying.
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    Does that mean this saving your "Marlboro miles" isn't how to get one of these gems? 130140494123-2.jpg
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    Or both.
  6. That EG amp looks more like a Marshall clone... handle, knobs, tolex, corners, and grille cloth all look Marshall like to me.
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