For Sale Rare angel step extremely figured drop tops

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    I have been holding onto these for builds that never progressed. These are super rare extremely figured angel step maple. I have seen similar tops catch over 150 on ebay. Looking to just hook someone up at 50 a piece plus actual shipping. These currently are dead flat and they have been kiln dried but sitting in a shop for a couple years so depending on your weather conditions they might cup slightly due to their size. They most likely won't but it's always a risk with anything super figured. They will clamp right out if they do. I recommend storing them with some weight on them until you use them/ they get used to your weather.

    These are roughly 3/16 thick x 7.0- 7.5" wide (so 14-15 book matched) x 20-21" long. If you have a specific top you are interested in I can measure it for you.

    Free shipping if you buy all 4.
    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
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  2. 45 a top plus shipping?
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