SOLD Rare Broughton Audio Synth Voice Deluxe & OC—2 w/ Sine wave vol mod for trade possibly to sell

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    5CAE1FA6-C6ED-4F70-9704-9AA61B017948.jpeg 9F38DC08-3EF5-45E9-8B6D-74FDF79A6A50.jpeg 33A92B43-06EE-450A-81E5-6A31C5D8115B.jpeg E7B54671-BBCD-418F-B762-3B3F096D1CAE.jpeg
    Two ABBSOLUTELY sick Octovers up for grabs. Looking fir iron ether or synth stuff, always love filter, other octaves, synth stuff etc but also interested in possibly trading these gems for a compressor a few modulation effects. Chorus, flanger, delay, love Maxon, ibsnez, boss is cool, really looking fir a change. I have several octaves and synths and just looking to change it up. Thanks!
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  2. Ryan L.

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    If the pedals are for sale, you need to list a selling price.
  3. MascisMan

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    Nov 21, 2003
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    What is the synth wave volume mod on the OC-2? Im not familiar
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  4. Patchman777

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    Oct 29, 2017
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    Hi there. Happy New Year's eve. I'm interested in the Broughton. The OC2 with the sine mod sounds interesting too. The sine mod levels out the volume as I understand it. I would be interested in trading a Sadowsky SB2 preamp (without DI) and a Solidgold Imperial 183 fuzz available for trade. Thank you. Patrick.
  5. Thank You! Changed!

    That is exactly right. It takes away your 2 x octave down setting that's fairly unusable on bass anyway, and the clean signal, leaving the classic Pino Palladino, Tim Lefebrve, single octave down, analog, gritty sine wave, however taking the other two out of the equation gives you +4 decibels of extra headroom at this analog down setting, making up for the frustrating volume drop when typically set there, even allowing you to overdrive the octave down a bit, just enough for some extra bite, however, you can easily avoid this and simply get unity sine wave at about 2:30.

    I think I'll pass on the Sadowsky as I've had one (great unit though!) and am looking for something different at the moment. I'll keep you in mind though!
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  6. Patchman777

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    Oct 29, 2017
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    I really like the Sadowsky too. It pairs up with my G&L JB really well, however I just bought a Lehle Sonic Spark and because of limited space it will replace the Sadowsky going right after my Diamond Jr. compressor. I really like the Sonic Spark. It sounds great on it's own but really lends well to my other pedals. Patrick.
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  7. Patchman777

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    Oct 29, 2017
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    Hi superspacefunk. I recently bought a Diamond Jr. bass compressor replacing my Seymour Duncan Studio bass compressor which is in new condition. It works fine, I just wanted a Diamond to match up with my JB. Would you be interested in a trade (Seymour Duncan) toward the Broughton?
    Thanks Patrick.