SOLD Rare Dargie Delight 5HS MM Bongo (FREE SHIPPING)

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    Aug 11, 2003
    For sale only (no trades please) is my very nice DD1 Bongo 5HS in martini olive green.
    First let's get some details out of the way, basswood/maple/rosewood bolt on construction, 18v preamp with volume, blend, treble/bass, hi/lo mids stacked controls, 24 frets/34" scale, 17.5 string spacing, and weighs between 9.5-10lbs. Everything else you can see in the photos, this bass is flawless, and even though I'm the third owner it remains in "like new" condition. This is the kind of bass that needs to be on a stage somewhere and not hiding in its case, which also comes with the bass. My terms are Paypal, Continental U.S. only, I pay for shipping.

    The Dargie run of basses is explained in this excerpt that I copied-

    " The Dargie Delight was a special offering from EBMM. The idea was hatched on the Ernie Ball forum. A forum moderator and close friend of Sterling Ball was ga-ga over a Martini Olive Green Bongo Bass owned by his son, Scott Ball (Dargin). Sterling would make fun of the color and the fact that his friend would want a bass in such a stupid color. This inspired Sterling to at first offer to build a run of MOG Bongos. The idea took off on the forum and Sterling offered it out to most of the EBMM bass and guitar models, thus, the Dargie was born. The finish is called Martini Olive Green and the fret marker inlays are martini glasses complete with olive! A tasty, black "Dargie Delight" silkscreen adorns the back just below the neckplate. "

    The rarity of this bass is explained on another excerpt from the EBMM forum-

    "Here are the updated totals!!!
    Thanks to everyone here at the factory for helping pump these models out and making them look cool. Thanks to BP for making it possible and all you knuckleheads for ordering!
    Here is a breakdown of models and the amount ordered:
    Stingray 4 H - 25
    Stingray 4 HH - 21
    Stingray 4 HS - 17
    Stingray 4 2 band - 3
    Bongo 4 H - 4
    Bongo 4 HP - 1
    Bongo 4 HH - 13
    Bongo 4 HS - 5
    Stingray 5 H - 15
    Stingray 5 HH - 23
    Stingray 5 HS - 15
    Bongo 5 H - 2
    Bongo 5 HH - 4
    Bongo 5 HS - 3
    Bongo 5 HSP - 3 "

    And now for the photos-
    IMG_0564.JPG IMG_0565.JPG IMG_0566.JPG IMG_0567.JPG IMG_0568.JPG IMG_0569.JPG IMG_0571.JPG IMG_0572.JPG IMG_0573.JPG IMG_0574.JPG
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    Awesome :bassist:
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    Apr 17, 2019
    Dear God I love green basses.
    It will be at least 2 months before I can buy another one though.
    GLWTS, if it plays anything like my Bongo 5H someone will be extremely happy.
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