SOLD Rare Ernie Ball/OLP Tony Levin Signature 5 w/Upgrades

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    Originally obtained here:
    SOLD - Rare Ernie Ball/OLP Tony Levin Signature 5 w/Upgrades

    For those who don't feel like clicking the link ;)

    This Peach Tony Levin Signature 5er plays and sounds as good as any of the Classic 5s. It is in near mint shape and is loaded with the highly praised Mojotone Vintage MM pickup and pre (2 years of research and development).This is an exact duplicate of the pre Ernie electronics even down to the chip and reverse audio taper pots which gives true boost/cut(Over a $220 upgrade). Super low action and perfect neck a nd the control layout is Volume,Bass,Treble and the fourth knob is a push/pull for series/parallel and also a presence control to give you even a little more attack. These a rare and even more so with these electronics. $499 shipped with a gig bag and West Coast add $20


    This bass is what brought me back to stingray world. Shortly after I picked this up, I picked up another stingray that has been my main player since. This bass is fantastic, but it honestly just sits around since I picked up the other stingray 5'er.
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    I had one of these in quilt maple and sold it not long ago. Olp, Tony Levin and music man really hit the nail on the head with this model. It's a great SR5 on a budget. And the peach finish is just awesome!

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