Rare Glockenklang tedd cabinet

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  1. This cabinet is rare and is my pride and joy. I said I would never sell sell it but here I am putting it up for sale

    The Tedd has 1x15 witha 6" config. I lifted the specs from Glockenklangs website sorry for the German You can go to the website and see a picture of the cabinet

    Technische Daten:

    1 x 15" Heavy Duty Speaker
    1 x 6" Mittelhochton Speaker
    Leistung: 600 Watt
    Impedanz: 8 Ohm
    Schalldruck: 100 dB / 1W / 1m
    Abmessungen: 655 x 550 x 455 mm
    Gewicht: 31 kg

    IM asking for 1500.00 plus the shipping. The Tedd is not made anymore so its a rare find.

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    Interested! :D