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    Very rare in the United States Sugi nightbreeze- really awesome bass - the builder is regarded similarly as Vinny Fodera is in the USA- bass is easily as nice as any of my 5
    Fodera- truly an exceptional instrument- these are factory passive- I'm an active guy so I did out in a Bart 2 band preamp- I use bass wide open so instead of making modifications to bass I just hid bass pot in cavity with battery- original passive tone pot and jack included- but bass sounds AMAZING as it sits- bass has single coils so has a jazz bass esque flavor. Light well balanced and neck to die for. Only reason for sale as I am kind of jonesing for something a bit different

    I'll sell for what I paid $2500
    Shipped w case

    This bass was in $4k range new
    Sugi Guitars – Official Web International - Guitars and Basses

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  2. ModuMan

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    These basses are amazing. I wish I had a 5'er to go with my 4!

    Man, you have a lot of great basses. GLWTS!
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    That's groovy.
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    Dang, you got a collection of basses there