RAT, power supply question.

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  1. Hi there,

    A couple of weeks ago I bought a Pro Co RAT II. I used it with the supplied battery, but that one has died now.

    I wanted a power adaptor for this footpedal, but the powersupplies from footswitch manufacturers (spelling?) are very overpriced (i.e. Boss, ...).

    So today I bought a universal power supply with different, switchable input jacks as well as a switch for changing the output voltage.

    Anyways, the RAT has a jack-input. Now, with boss pedals I know the polarity of the plugs (+ on the outside, - on the inside.). But how's the polarity on jack-plugs for a RAT?
  2. usually the tip is + and the sleeve ( long part ) is -

    - X -
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    hey dude, if you use the power supply from an electro harmonix/sovtek pedal, it'll work fine. they're like $10.