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? Raven Labs MDB-1 ?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by audioripple, Aug 30, 2004.

  1. audioripple


    Oct 8, 2002
    hello everyone,
    i play bass and make music in home studio.
    i record and gig with my bass.

    these day i am interested in Raven Labs MDB-1. Can anybody tell about it and if it fit me.

  2. tplyons


    Apr 6, 2003
    Madison, NJ
    Can't tell you much about it, or how it will fit your needs, but if you're gonna get one, hurry up. Steve Rabe, Owner of Raven Labs is shutting down operations. It's a shame, Steve did great stuff.
  3. LM Bass

    LM Bass

    Jul 19, 2002
    Vancouver, BC
    Most guys that have these (I am one) use them all the time, and love them. I use mine to mix my doublebass and electric bass. Sometimes I use a mic and pickup on the Bull Fiddle, and it does a great job with that. You don't have any EQ on this box, so sometimes you have to tweak things a bit at the amp end of things. The DI works pretty well, though in some rooms I have had a bit of noise. The fact that it works on batteries is a real God send as well. I often use mine in teaching: my bass and laptop, and the student's bass can all go through one amp. The thing is REALLY well-made. So I'd say jump on it while you still can.
  4. You can try PMB as well, 2 channels, phase switch for both channels, 3 band EQ for each channel, effect loop, etc.
  5. jondiener

    jondiener Guy in the corner, looking at his phone on break. Gold Supporting Member

    I've used an MDB-1 for about a year now, and I LOVE it! I use 3 different basses at gigs - a passive Lakland Skyline, an active Lakland 55-94, and an active electric upright. The MDB-1 lets me plug in all 3 sources, and set each one's output level so they match (more or less.) So when I switch from bass to bass, I know that 'full volume' on one bass will be the same level as the others. I also use the AUX send to feed my rack tuner. That way, I can hit the 'mute' button on the front of the MDB-1to silence my rig (and the feed to the PA), while still tuning any of my 3 basses. Very cool.