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  1. Raven Labs PHA-1 preamp and headphone practice amp- $150 shipped



    This is the S/N 629 of the Raven Labs PHA-1, an all-battery preamp designed and Made in the USA by Steve Rabe, founder of SWR. Raven Labs was a pretty short lived venture, but put out some well respected products.

    It has a very clean, clear tone with a flat response that can be used as a full-fledged preamp or practice amp with headphones. This unit runs off two 9v batteries that last VERY long periods of time so no power cord required.

    Two inputs (Hi &Lo), Master Volume, 3 band EQ, Left and Right mix volume controls on the front panel.

    Two 1/4" stereo headphone outs, 1/4" Auxiliary Send, 1/4" Line Out, 1/4" Mix in with stereo/mono switch and jacks for the AC adapter (which I am not sure are still available) on the back panel.

    This thing is an awesome practice tool and very serviceable as a preamp. Dimensions are 6.5"X5"X1.75".

    PayPal payment and shipped to North America.
  2. On hold pending payment.
  3. Sold.

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