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Raven MDB-1, Morley Optical Vol. Ped, amp, more

Discussion in 'DB Classifieds Archive' started by lermgalieu, Mar 15, 2004.

  1. Pics available - these go up on Ebay in the next couple of days:


    Raven Labs MDB-1 - good condition, $160/bo, you pay shipping. THIS THING IS GREAT! I just don't need it anymore.

    Carvin RC210 combo Good Condition

    $500 or BO, you pay shippping. It's lighter than factory because I replaced the drivers with Eminence DelteLite neodynium speaks. It sounds good, everything works.

    Morely PVO Optical Volume Pedal - barely used. Good Contition. $40/bo, you pay shipping

    ADA MB-1 - a classic! It's got rack scratches, but it works well. This thing is a nice little tube preamp with comprssion, chorus, distortion etc. - it sounds nice through an effects loop with a nice unit like the raven labs (above) straight to board $175/bo

    Email me or PM me if interested and I can send pics.