RAVEN Neck thru 4 string - HIGHLY upgraded!!

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  1. KenToby


    Aug 15, 2002
    You know the deal on the new breed of Korean basses - great wood and workmanship but LOUSY electronics.

    Well, I started with my brand new (at the time) Raven RMB neck thru 4 string with a 5 piece neck, Ash body with Walnut top and back. I removed the original Jazz/MM style pickups and electronics and installed Bartolini pickups and a Barotlini 3 band Preamp. I replaced the plastic nut with a brass adjustable nut (the one with the slotted screw under each string for individual string height adjustment). I removed the Poly finish off the back of the neck so it plays MUCH faster!! This bass looks, feels, plays and sounds OUTSTANDING!! Features gold hardware and a satin finish. All factors considered, I now consider this bass to be in the PRO category.
    Asking $570 OBO with an OK hard case. Shipping is extra.

    Pictures available to serious inquirers.