Ray Brown's "The Art of Playing Bass"

Discussion in 'Recordings [DB]' started by hdiddy, Dec 1, 2005.

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    Mar 16, 2004
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    Guys... I noticed that there weren't any reviews of Ray Brown's VHS series here on TBDB. I found out about it by looking at the ISB's site and it's sold only at Lemur as far as I know.

    I took the plunge and bought all 4 tapes. I've only watched 2 of them but they're pretty good. The series was intended to help students recall what was being taught at their last lesson with a real teacher and not meant to be a substitute. But if you took good notes or recorded your lesson on tape, why would you forget anything that was taught?

    Anyways, I've only been through the 1st two tapes. So far they're pretty good, but kinda geared towards the beginner.

    Vol. 1: Milt Hinton. Focuses on his slapping technique and his personal history. Great video. You can figure out his technique pretty easily because they show his right hand at several angles. He discusses a little bit about how he came about it and some of the rhythmic figures he uses.

    Vol. 2: Ray Brown & John Clayton in what looks like a teaching seminar. Both Ray and John focus on the importance of bowing as a key to getting a "good sound". For German players, what's nice is that you get to watch John's impeccable RH technique. I got a few great tips which helped eliminate some of my own scratchiness. The end of the tape shows Ray and John playing every scale with pizz and arco respectively. I found this a little too much after the first 3 scales but it was good to watch Ray's pizz technique for a good while.

    Vol. 3: Francois Rabbath. Haven't watched this yet but should be good.

    Vol. 4: Evening with Triple Thread (Herb Ellis, Ray Brown, Monty Alexander).

    So far I see the Vol. 1 worth the $20. Vol. 2 not so much but good if you can borrow from someone. I'll expound more once I watch the rest.
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    Jan 16, 2005
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    I had purchased these tapes about 6 months ago. I really enjoyed the fourth tape with Ray playing along with Herb Ellis and Monty Alexander. I had posted a thread back then.

    I had the tapes converted over to DVDs for easier watching.

    For a newbie like myself, they are good basic tools.
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    Jan 17, 2006

    EVERY scale???

    Wouldn't that comprise a 3 hour or so video?
    Surely you mean every Major scale or something.....
  4. J. Brunka

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    My first instinct is that they are playing every scale so that you can play along to get in tune and learn the fingerings. I haven't seen the videos and I don't know what context the scales are in but if they are playing them why not join them?