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RBD - (Refurbished Bass Day) Fretless epoxy content

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by BAG, Jul 24, 2016.

  1. This bass has already had an NBD post but it now is basically a new bass again.

    For some background........I was in the market for a fretless and a couple of months ago found what I thought was a good deal. I paid $585 for a Warmoth fretless neck on a mid-1980's MIJ Pbass body with Bill Lawrence P46 pup, Gotoh bridge and Schaller tuners and also got a Warmoth Jazz fretted neck in the bargain. When I got it home and started setting it up I realised the fretboard on the fretless was badly dented in places, being the most played notes of A on the E string, D and E on the A string and more. It needed to be levelled so I put the fretted neck on the Pbass and realised that it was a really good neck and body combination so I set about looking for a body for the fretless.

    I wanted a Jazz but don't like single coil pups and Malak the Mad come through with a Blacktop Jazz shipped around the world to me.

    On top of the fingerboard needing work the mounting holes were badly stripped, the nut had been a bit butchered and the back of the headstock was like Swiss cheese due to at least four different types of machine head being used over its' life.

    I dropped it off to Tom at Konig Bassworx in Canberra having been told that he's not cheap but he's very good.

    When he started levelling the fingerboard he found that the rosewood was stupidly soft (hence the big divots in it) and should never have been used for a fretless so he epoxied the 'board to make it harder and did a satin finish as per my request. In hindsight he said he should have probably soaked it in superglue first to ensure the hardness so we'll see how it holds up to playing. If it dents in the next year or two I might even get him to put a piece of ebony on it......he's got some unbelievably rare and beautiful pieces of wood in his workshop.
    He drilled and dowelled the mounting holes.
    As mentioned, the headstock had obviously had at least four different sets of machine heads and was like Swiss cheese so the holes were all filled before finishing.
    The finish on the birdseye maple neck wasn't great with a very rough feel. I could have lived with it but, if it's getting done lets do it properly, so it was rubbed right back and hit with nitro with a satin finish while the headstock was glossed.
    The nut was replaced and cut to suit.
    Finally, the fingerboard was about 1/2" longer than the neck heel so he notched that very neatly and then used his CNC machine to put a perfect rout on the body to give access to the truss rod without taking off the neck.

    All up it cost me $450 plus GST so I handed over $500 and called it a deal and i'm very happy with how it looks and plays.

    It is by far the most expensive bass in my collection now and in total i've spent a bit over $1000 on it but it is now a fantastic, and different, instrument.

    20160724_573. 20160724_585. 20160724_588. 20160724_579. 20160724_581. 20160724_583. 20160724_586. 20160724_587. 20160724_590.
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2016
  2. Congratulations! Looks great, and sounds like it's set up perfectly for your wants & needs - it's unique, and if you love it, being into it for the price of a high end MIM is nothing.

    Always been curious about how those Blacktop Jazz basses sound, bet you can get some huge tones out of them.
  3. Its' definitely got a unique and big soundscape with many different tones on tap.
    Considering that an MIM Jazz or P here in Australia costs around $1200 i'm pretty happy with this. I must admit that I looked at the cost of a new Warmoth neck when I found out how much this was going to cost me but it wouldn't have been even $100 cheaper and then i'd have had to put it all together and set it up myself. This way, it was all done even better than any Warmoth neck i've seen, let along any Fender neck i've ever seen or felt. Yeah, you could say i'm happy.
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  4. GigantorTX


    Sep 10, 2012
    That baby is hot! Love the white/black contrast with the maple grain.

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