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RBX 6JM Appreciation Forum!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by bareass, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. I read everywhere on this forum, people asking for input on the RBX 6JM, and nobody seams to like it.
    Yes, it's heavy. Yes the green ones have like 5 different tones of green. i get it. but common!
    i bought this bass when i was 12 years old. it was expensive, and massive. but it killed the soundgear 6 string in tone (i hooked up both basses to the same amp and put the EQ on flat) should that have been the first real bass i bought... maybe not, but who cares it was cool as hell! when i was 13-14 i played in a gigging wedding band. i played that bass all night and didn't complain about the weight. i still use it on the occasional gig as a main bass. stop complaining about weight!
    this bass, IMHO, has a really great tone. i hear that from everyone i play it in front of. at gigs i hear " you should play that red bass more, it sounds amazing!" so its not just me.
    My main bass is a Carvin LB70P. it too sounds good (not as good as the myung) its just more comfortable to play all night because i think i'm comming down with some carpul tunnel (sp?)

    i want to start a thread for people who like this bass. own it, played it, heard it. anyone who may have modded it. post on up
    for those you don't like it... your wrong!
  2. Kenbuntu


    Jun 6, 2005
    this thread is going to need some pics in order for it to last.
  3. here one of me playing it a few years ago
    i got a few more i think, just gotta get em on the net
  4. This thread didn't last long, but I'll out in my 2 cents. I love Myung's bass playing but have hated every one of his signature basses from the Tung to the Bongo. All, except this one. His first Yamaha signature bass was amazing! It didn't just look good, but sounded great too and is possibly the most affordable one of all his different signature basses out there. I absolutely hate that Music Man monstrosity he's playing now.
  5. I should clarify that I hate gold hardware, though. That's really the only drawback for me on this bass.

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