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  1. Hi All, i have seen an older Yamaha JM sig - RBX6JM, advertised on the net over here in Aus.

    i know that some of you arent too keen on the newer JM sig -RBXJM2, so just wondering if the older model is any more to your liking?

    just looking at the features of the RBX6JM it looks like it would sound similar to a TRB6II (except for the maple top!)? is this true? just want to know cause i have a TRB4II and want to get an idea of how it would sound.
    any advice would be greatly appreciated! :hyper:
  2. The pickups and electronics used in the JM are quite different to the TRB electronics - I am not sure of details, but when I tried the JM, it certainly didn't respond the way my TRB-6 (Mk 1) does.

    The string spacing is much narrower as well, which some players like.
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    The JM2 IMO isn't as nice as the JM. I'm judging based on his tones and asthetics.
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    The JM2 has a 34" scale as opposed to the JM's 35" scale and one humbucker as opposed to the JM's dual soapbars, if I'm not mistaken.