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rc50 loop station

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by phatphillss, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. ok i got a few ?s about the rc 50. first this is my first post all year so whats up guys and girls.ok i got using the loop and making songs samples and stuff down for the most part, how do i get the data on to my computer theres a usb port,but im not sure if the loop came with the cable, the instructions suck so those are gone and i cant find them, was there software in the box or in the instructions. can i get this stuff at guitarcenter?whats the name of the cableor what are the two ends.

    also im trying to hook up the boss gt6 to the rc 50 but no go. the gt6 works great,same as the rc50 just not together.i can get the rc50 to work with all my single boss effects (octave,phase,overdrive) but not with the gt6 when i bought these two pedals the dude told me that it would work and i thought so to so ive tryed midi and regular inputs no dice.
    heres the way i was hooking it up,cable from the input on the amp to the right mono sub out on the rc50, then cable from the right mono insturment input to the right mono on the gt6 then a cable from the input on the gt6 to my bass. i hope this was not confusing.if any one can get these two pedals working insink and might want to tell me that would be great i called the tech support and there no help:help:
  2. Swimming Bird

    Swimming Bird

    Apr 18, 2006
    Wheaton MD
    Welcome back.

    Hmmm... I'm a little confused by your post as I've found the RC-50 manual to be near perfect. It uses a USB cable that comes in the box and all you have to do is click and to add/copy files, like any other external drive. You cannot record directly to your computer using USB though, which what I think you're trying to do (?).

    As for trouble with the RC-50 and the GT-6b, the problem must be somewhere in your chain or with however you are setting up your pedals. The two have no effect on each other's controls and I don't know what makes you think they do... Try not using the sub out from the RC-50 (although that shouldn't make a difference). Do they each work on their own? Try each one seperately to make sure they're working before trying them together and don't use the sub outs as some of the loops are configured to use them differently.

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