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RC's INSTANT FUNK CD collection!

Discussion in 'For Sale: Other Stuff (Not bass related)' started by RCCollins, Apr 8, 2009.

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  1. Clearing out some duplicates from my 20-year CD collection. A few of these are rare/out of print, with prices correspondingly adjusted.
    All CDs are open but in like new condition (excepting some jewel case wear) unless otherwise mentioned. All prices are postpaid in the continental US. If you live outside the US, contact me for PRIORITY MAIL rate adjustment (first class available for Canada only). I don't ship internationally via surface mail.

    I accept paypal or (promptly mailed) money orders.

    And now, the list! Recent additions are shown in pink, purple, blue

    1. 420 FM "Live on the Off Days" Double CD, P-funk All-stars play old school heavy funkadelic mostly, side project that also features george clinton! rare. $29
    2. 9th Creation "Bubble Gum" a funk classic, OOP Japanese Import $24
    3. Tony Allen "Black Voices" deep dubby afro/funk. out of print import $30
    4. Tony Allen/Psyco on the Bus - very heady afrobeat! $10
    5. Edwin Birdsong "Funtaztic" electro-goodness. Rapper Daper Snapper. import$10
    6. Blo "Phases" aesome afrobeat meets psychedelic rock from Africa back in the day. very rare oop import $29
    7. Brides of Funkenstein "Live at the Howard Theater"
    8. Brute Force self-titled LP, afro rock featuring Sonny Sharrock! $10
    9. Willie Bobo "Uno Dos Tres" Boogaloo baby! scuff $6
    10. Jean-Paul Bourelly "Jungle Cowboy" contemporary fusion with heavy guitar. import (japan) $9
    11. Jean-Paul Bourelly "Trippin" lotsa little scuffs, cool album! $4
    12. Chuck Brown & the Soul Searchers “Journey into Time” (go-go master with the P-funk horns) out of print $9 ON HOLD
    13. James Brown “In the Jungle Groove” $6 ON HOLD
    14. James Brown “Say It Loud” (in “Hot pants jewel case, came this way new!) $5 ON HOLD
    15. James Brown “Foundations of Funk: A Brand New Bag 1964-1969” (double CD) $16 *
    16. James Brown’s Funky People Part 1 $8
    17. James Brown’s Funky People Part 2 (scratched but plays) $5
    18. Cacophonic FM "After the Smoke Cleared" P-funk allstars side project, rare $18
    19. Clinton Administration (sly tribute, no GC) "Take You Higher" $9
    20. George Clinton (p-funk all-stars live) "500,000 Kilowatts of P-funk Power" 2xCD $12 *
    21. George Clinton (early Funkadelic/parliament rarities) "Tamurinillis" $5
    22. George Clinton Family Series "a fifth of funk" out of print $10
    23. George Clinton/P-funk All-stars "Hey Man, Smell My Finger" out of print $10
    24. Bootsy’s Rubber Band “Live in Oklamhoma 1976” $10
    25. Bootsy's Rubber Band "Live in Louisville 1978" out of print import $24
    26. George Clinton & Parliament-Funkadelic "How late Do-You Have to Be Before You're Absent?" double CD, some fonky stuff $12 *
    27. Cymande "The Message" awesome West Indian funk, double CD complete collection with extras, out of print $19*
    28. Lightnin' Rod (Last Poets) "Hustler's Convention" (proto-rap with kool & the gang as backup band, also Julius hemphill!) $7
    29. Betty Davis "Hangin Out in Hollywood" Miles ex wife gittin NASTAY funky $9
    30. Manu Dibango "AfroSoulJazz" best of, excellent afro-funk-beat stuff, soul makossa and more $5
    31. Lou Donaldson “Hot Dog” kickin funky soul jazz $9
    32. Lee Dorsey "Great Googa Mooga" 1960-1978 2CD collection, out of print $30 *
    33. Drugs (trippy P-funk spin-off, out of print) “Prescription for Mis-America” $10
    34. Earth, Wind & Fire/Melvin Van Peebles "Sweet Sweetback's Badasssss Song" soundtrack - some wild and rough early EWF! Out of print. $12
    35. Earth, Wind & Fire "The Eternal Dance" 3cd box set (box corners torn at bottom) $12 *
    36. Enemy Squad "United State of Mind"Gabe Gonzalez/P-funk allstars side project, funkadelic style. rare $30
    37. Enemy Squad presents Ultra Unit. More heavydelic funkings. rare. $30
    38. The Fatback Band "Fatbackin" 2CD collection of their early stuff (their best) $12 *
    39. Amp Fiddler "Mr Fiddler" (first solo album by awesome p-funk keyboardist) $9
    40. Andre Foxxe (P-funk) "I'm Funk and I'm Proud" (one track has the RHCP) out of print $19
    41. Caesar Frazier "Hail Caesar/'75" super groovy soul jazz and heavy funk on westbound, out of print import (jewel case cracked on front) $10
    42. Funkadelic "Music for My Mother" 2CD collection of their early psychedelic funk singles for Westbound (and rarities) import $20*
    43. Funk Inc. “Funk Inc/Chicken Licken” (soul jazz/proto-acid jazz) import $10
    44. Herbie Hancock "Mwandishi" (2CD collection of awesome Warner Bros albums) ON HOLD
    45. Herbie Hancock "Crossings" funky synthy trippy ON HOLD
    46. Herbie Hancock "Flood" Japan only (shiny and new) $20
    47. Eddie Hazel "Rest in P" rare studio jams with Bootsy, Tiki, Buddy Miles! oop Japanese import $30
    48. Eddie Henderson "Sunburst" classic fusion, out of print $12
    49. Isley Brothers "Funky Family" (collects the heavy, guitar-oriented stuff!) scuffyON HOLD
    50. Don Julian and the Larks “Shorty the Pimp” blaxploitation soundtrack $10
    51. Ray Lema "Medecine" funky electro from this African herbsman (a genius) out of print $12
    52. Ray Lema "Kinshasa-Washington DC-Paris" SEALED/UNOPENED/NEW $10
    53. Madhouse “Serve ‘Em” proto-Rubber Band & P-funkers, out of print $18
    54. Mandrill ”Fencewalk” 2CD Anthology $16 *
    55. Alphonse Mouzon "Funky Snakefoot" really awesome fusion record with some of the tightest drumming ever, japan import $24
    56. Ohio Players “Pain” $8
    57. Ohio Players “Summertime” (early years) $8
    58. Johnny Otis & Friends "Watts Funky" w/suggie, great import collection on BGP, $14
    59. Johnny Otis w/ Shuggie Otis "Snatch & the Poontangs"/"Cold Shot" (import) $12
    60. Maceo & all the King's Men "Doing their own thing" $10
    61. Parlet "Best of" out of print $10
    62. Parliament-Funkadelic "LIVE: The Funkadelic Collection 1972-1993" 4CD set, out of print $99
    63. Parliament “Tear the Roof Off 1974-1980” double CD $10*
    64. Parliament "First Thangs" (Invictus years) out of print import, but CD has marks. Plays fine though. $8
    65. P-Funk All-Stars “Hydraulic Pump” import $10
    66. P-Funk All-Stars “Funk Em Agin for the First Time (live in LA ’89)” double CD $22*
    67. Clarence Reid (aka Blowfly! But suitable for the kids) "Funky Party" $10
    68. Clarence Reid (aka Blowfly! But suitable for the kids)"Dancin' with Nobody but You Babe"$10
    69. Sly Stone "High on You" (Japan) $18
    70. Skull Snaps s/t dark, groovin’ funk with killer vocals $12
    71. Iceberg Slim Reflections (notorious pimp author "raps" over blues/jazz/funk backing), rare re-ish on Henry Rollins' old label, infinite Zero) $12
    72. Slave "Stellar Fungk, the best of" $5
    73. South Dallas All-Stars "South Dallas Pop Festival 1970" awesome live soul album! out of print$10
    74. Space Cadets (81 P-funk spin-off with Bernie Worrell - killer) out of print $12
    75. Melvin Sparks "Texas Twister/self-titled" 2 on 1 killer soul jazz guitar albums("real" acid jazz on westbound) import $10
    76. Sugarhill Gang “Best of” Hip-hop, uh-hibby: Doug Wimbish is in the house band! $5 ON HOLD
    77. Joe Tex "Bump to the Funk" excellent collection, out of print import $15
    78. Allen Toussaint "Life, Love and Faith"$9
    79. Trouble Funk “Early Singles” out of print $18
    80. Andre Williams "Rib Tips & Pig Snoots" greasy r&b collection $9
    81. Andre Williams "Mr. Rhythm" great compilation of his classic r&b. out of print $20
    82. (Fred Wesley & the) Horny Horns “The final Blow (out of print) $10
    83. Bernard Wright "'Nard" Chillin out Hagaloabotrippin fun! (Japan) $18
    84. Various Artists "Africafunk: Return to the Original Sound of 1970s Funky Africa" excellent. out of print import $25
    85. Various Artists "Bilongo" and "Racubah" Afro and african funk CDs $10 each
    86. Various Artists "Black Rio: Brazil Soul Power 1971-1980" rare collection of heavy-hitting brazilian funk! $30
    87. Various Artists "Bollywood Breaks Sampler" 8 tracks of the funkiest Indian soundtrack stuff I've ever heard [COLOR=Magenta"]$5[/COLOR]
    88. Various Artists "Chicano Spirit" killer 70s latin funk! Out of print import $18
    89. Various Artists "Chicano Spirit Vol.2" maybe even better than the first. Out of print import $29
    90. Various Artists “Diggin’ Deeper: Roots of Acid Jazz” Columbia import 3CD set, loads of cool fusion/funk/soul classics $22 *
    91. Various Artists "Bay Area Funk 2" groovy rarities $9
    92. Various Artists "Freakoff: Latin Breakbeats, Basslines & Boogaloo" very rare oop import $25
    93. Various Artists "Funk to the Max" great 2CD compilation on Disky (Holland) $9
    94. Various Artists “Funky 16 Corners” $9
    95. Various Artists “Funky Foundations” cool import, minor scuff $6
    96. Various Artists "Funk Fu" a great one. rare oop import $29
    97. Various Artists "Funk Mode: Undiscovered Funk Gems from the Far Corners of the Globe" (import, out of print) $15
    98. Various Artists “Getting Soulful” (Vampisoul) $14
    99. Various Artists Keb Darge's Legendary Deep Funk vol.2" import, has a scuff that does not affect play $10
    100. various Artists "La Guepe Vol.2: Deep inside the French library Music" vintage soul/jazz/afro/funk. import $9
    101. Various Artists “Meet Me at the Go-Go” $15
    102. Various Artists “Gimme Dat Beat” (D.C. Go-Go) $15
    103. Various Artists “Raw Funk” (scuff) $3! ON HOLD
    104. Various Artists "Really Heavy Funk: Dirty, Guitar-Driven Fat Assed Funk" This one is great. out of print $20

    See further down the thread for recent additions that have not yet been added to this list!
  2. K2000


    Nov 16, 2005
    What's the difference between the #18 and #19 Betty Davis records? (Are they both self-titled?)

    Say, that Funky 16 Corners compilation is really really good... recommended. Rare obscure funk tracks from bands that never broke the big time, it's a good one, IMO.
  3. Good question. One is self-ftitled, the second is "they say I'm different"
    edit: both are sold anyhow

    I may also have a copy of her "crashin from passion" CD lying around if anybody's interested.

    Funky 16 corners is great... but no better than the other compilations in the list, just better marketed!
  4. GeneralElectric


    Dec 26, 2007
    NY, NY
    PM sent
  5. NoHomework81


    Jul 27, 2007
    Atlanta, GA
  6. Pm'd...
  7. Payment sent...
  8. 10 more added today!

    (Last 2 additions shown in purple)
  9. bumping, and multiple CD collections now counted as multiple discs for the purpose of discounting!

    that makes for some sweet deals
  10. I added a few more CDs (shown in pink), and more importantly, I SLASHED PRICES since you guys don't seem to want what's left... SOME PRICES CUT AS MUCH AS 50% OFF MY ORIGINAL PRICE and the very same bulk discounts are still valid. Discounted prices are highlighted in PINK

    If you look some of the rarities up you will see that my prices are often ridiculous - that's because I love talkbass! Act now, though, because I'll soon be taking the rarities to ebay where they will be listed at considerably higher prices.
  11. edit: added tony allen, cacophonic fm, enemy squad, 420 fm, black rio compilation
  12. RS


    Aug 27, 2000
    Cleveland, OH
    PM sent
  13. now here's a smart shopper - he just got 3 CDs for just $4 shipped!
  14. ok, no more to add, folks, so on monday i will start to pull the arare discs for sale elsewhere... get 'em at red hot discounts while ya can!
  15. NickyBass

    NickyBass Supporting Member

    Nov 28, 2005
    Southern New Jersey
    So these are just the duplicates!?!?!?! ;)
  16. added 4 more... betty davis, joe tex, george clinton, johnny otis
  17. Jim C

    Jim C Is that what you meant to play or is this jazz? Supporting Member

    Nov 29, 2008
    Bethesda, MD
    The funk doesn't get any cheaper than here.
    Payment sent.
    5 CD's including Chuck and James Brown for $18.
    Thank you.
  18. Some great stuff is still available hereLeftovers available here

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