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Re-aligning pickups w/the strings

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by bassist4ever, Jun 26, 2002.

  1. how would i go about measureing to see how far i would have to move my pickups so that the strings are in between the pole pieces????

    i cant get a solid answer off any of the strings.....
  2. I can guarantee that moving the pups is alot more difficult than moving the strings. Since you are going to replace the bridge on this bass anyway why don't you go with a Schaller (with adjustable string spacing), mount it correctly and see if it's adjustment doesn't help you with this problem. While your at it, the nut could also be remeasured and replaced to help with the alignment.
  3. okay... im going to wait and see but i seriously doubt that the Gotch 206 or the schaller has the width enough to move the string without getting the string so far over the edge of the fretboard.
  4. gotch.....hehehe........makes me think of underwear. tighty whiteys......

    the company's name is actually gotoh.
  5. sorry i dont know how to spell or pronounce that name i just called it Got-ch.... but i guess its Gotoh?
    any body know how to pronounce that?
  6. I didn't mean any offense. and it doesn't bother me. i just found it amusing. that's all.
  7. okay.... here is what i think i will do..
    Buy the bridge (Gotoh 206 w/adj. spacing)
    then adjust the strings to the best of my ability and then if its still screwy move the pickups....

    i dont think i will have enough money to have a new nut installed because i will probably be loosing my job here very soon... soo... im gettin in as much stuff as i possibly can....

    forgot to ask. how would you go about moving the pickups? just try to center them between the strings as best as possible?

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