Re-casing Lane Poor pickups

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by j_sun23, Jul 28, 2003.

  1. j_sun23


    Feb 24, 2003
    Baton Rouge LA
    I have a set of Lane Poor j-style pickups in my bass, but their casings have cracked (I think due to too much pressure from the springs under them combined with heat from a couple of road-trip gigs). Does anyone know of any way I could get the guts put into new casings. It doesn't look easy, as they are totally sealed and epoxied in. They sound great, and work fine, other than not really being able to adjust their height anymore. I just want to salvage what I can. Help me save an endangered species. Thanks in advance.
  2. marc40a


    Mar 20, 2002
    Boston MA
    I don't think there's anything you can to replace the shell. The PU's were literally cooked in their epoxy cases. I've seen the oven that they were baked in.

    I'd recommend repairing the shell with super glue or maybe an epoxy available at your local hardware store.