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Read Purity all tube pre - Special!

Discussion in 'For Sale: Amps, Preamps, and Cabinets' started by fretlessrock, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. Special, as in, you don't see this kind of piece come up every day. I've known Jack a while and actually played this specific unit while visiting him at his shop before the Purity was available for retail. It came up for sale here on TB a few years back and I snagged it. I've primarily used it in the studio, but it has seen a few live dates. As good as it is for recording, it is even better for amplification. I'm reconfiguring my studio and have also started parting out my rack rig. So with no small amount of pain:

    Read Custom Amplification Bass Purity #00001
    This is the prototype unit, built like a brick !@#$house
    Just back from a cleaning, retube, and checkup by Jack himself

    Better pics coming when I can get home in the daytime!

    On the front, from left to right:
    hi-Z/lo-Z switchable input
    Mute Switch
    Master Volume (does not change DI level)
    4-band EQ (bass, lo-mid, hi-mid, treble)
    EQ Bypass
    Switchable Deep and Bright Enhance
    Power Switch

    rear panel:
    DI Volume
    DI Out (XLR)
    Line Out
    Tuner Out
    Effects Loop

    My overall impression: So much tube goodness in this box that it is hard to put an adjective on it. The signal path is very clean, all analog, all top-shelf components, and the tubes are used for real audio production, not just show. The DI itself is worth the price of admission. The DI is tube driven, has its own gain stage, and Jensen transformer under the hood. I use it for recording as a DI more than a preamp. When I first got this unit I was using an Aguilar DB900 next to it for both bass and guitar and the Read was just better, plus you have the EQ at your disposal. While you can't change the topography, you can bypass the power section (Master) by using the DI. You can also bypass the EQ with a single toggle on the front panel.

    The EQ is useful, but it won't give you 24dB of boost/cut. It is there for shaping and enhancing tone, not defining it. If you love the sound of your bass, then you will love this preamp.

    Enough of that. $800 shipped in the USA by either USPS Priority or UPS Ground, your choice. PayPal is OK. I ship it with the power cord, packed like you know it should be packed. If you want a cable to mate it with your amp I can hook you up. Same with a shorty XLR patch cable for the DI.

    PM is OK but email is faster.

  2. SOLD :bassist:

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