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reader beware

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by chadds, Sep 10, 2002.

  1. chadds


    Mar 18, 2000
    Imho know yourself and what tone feel you're after in your equipment search. I encountered on this forum many conflicting opinions some conflicting with physics so test this equipment before you buy. I had a salesman tell me that the SWR 6x10 had plenty of lows and posters tell me that specs lie. Perhaps they do, but here is the skinny from my experience. The Specs say it rolls off at 55hz well a/b'ed next to a SWR 4x10 III the bass disappears. Now perhaps the guy who recommended it plays a P-bass with a pick but for me (that's who's buying) the specs and my ears agreed. Also a tech guy at aguilar said that some manufacturers tailor and tune a cab for certain needs and in this case wanted a loud cabinet not necessarily with great lows. Then I asked in a post if 10s were faster then 12s. and I got the greatest humor but mostly no one thought the human ear could hear the difference. I can and I was beginning to hurt my hands trying to get quick response out of 12s. A/b'ed with 10s again the 10s were much quicker. I asked my friend who plays Trombone for the Army band and Quintet and he said there are mouth pieces he could use that are not as quick as others and he would be straining to try to get the quick response of the ones that work quickly for him. I was only comparing the Ag 12s with SWR 10s so I can't speak for berg, ea, etc.
    Then when trying cabs at a store a nice fellow with amazing NAMM show slap and pop chops and I were trading basses between a dual humbucking Ken Smith 5 and a J bass Kens Smith 5. When playing finger style he continued to get a trebly unappetizing tone to both of us and I kept getting a pleasing to both of us, bassy fat tone as I switched between the different bassists. What did Jaco say? So reader poster buyer beware. Thanks.

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