Ready to purchase. Need help with sound descriptions.

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  1. I have searched many times here and elsewhere.
    What are the difference in sound between Eden WT-300, G/K 400 RB III and IV, SWR Studio 220,SM400S, Redface Bass 350 and Trace Elliot SMC 715 and Series 6 AH200s?
  2. They all sound pretty much different. I have owned the Eden WT 300 and both GK series 400 RB. The Eden is warmer and smoother more punchy depending on your settings while the GK's will be much more aggressive brite and clanky . You can get punch out of it but it is more of a grindy sounding beast. Both are very good heads. like any Head/Cab setup the cab you use plays a big part in the overall sound you get. I have read that the SWR heads can get very hot and if you use an HPF filter in the effects loop it can make them run a lot cooler . You may also want to add what type of music you play and what cab/cabs you will be running with the head
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  3. Thank you.
    G/K isn't for me.
    As for cabs, Eden WT-300 with a single D-115. Eden and SWRs with a Genz Benz GB115B and Trace Elliot with a Trace Elliot 1153. I can only afford a single 15 at this time. I will add a second when I can afford to.
    I mainly play country, folk rock and some classic rock with a Jazz Bass.
  4. Ok Now why those cabs with those heads? And why 115 cabs and not 10's or 12"s. Just curious here . I was never fond of the Eden cabs The Genz Benz Seems to be the cream of that crop . I don't know if you are buying them paired up from someone or if those are the combos you put together. More info always makes helping easier.
  5. I have ordered a SWR Studio 220 with a 1 year warranty.
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    I'm pretty dubious of amps with loads of controls, but pretty specific descriptions of how they sound. Seems like those knobs must not work.
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  7. I like how the Studio 220 has 4 semi-parametric eqs.
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    That SWR eq is rather nice. I had an SM-400 head some years ago and that similar eq layout was super useful. Sometimes when I see a nice deal on one of those or a Studio 220, I get the itch to give it a home.
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  9. Mine is scheduled to arrive this coming Tuesday. I'm trying not to be anxious.