Real Music Man Stingray?

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  1. EF7D10BB-0274-4998-9503-77A25BB97C6D.jpeg This for sale in my area, asking $600. Decal looks a bit off along with a few other things perhaps?

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  2. NicJimBass

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    Nov 22, 2004
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    Hardware looks right, but there is something off about the body and neck. Headstock shape is definitely wrong. Hard to tell what's up.
  3. Just checked it out, slight gap at the back heel and body under PG but pocket was tight on the sides of neck. Body felt smaller but I’m know expert on MM basses. Neck felt old but ok. Decal was buried slightly under tuner ?.. not feeling right but still has me interested

    Body was a metallic red also.
  4. mdogs

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    What year is he claiming it to be?
  5. They know nothing about it
  6. No „Made in SanLuisObispo“ at the back of the neck. Pre-EB logo. Fingerboard-dots too small.
  7. mdogs

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    pre eb stingray.jpg

    Kind of what I thought, that should have the truss rod adjustment at the headstock.
  8. Yeah thought as old as the neck felt and looked should have had the bullet truss adjustment at the headstock? Body seems newer then the neck too. I thought some older MM had no decals on back of headstock?
  9. MusicMans have/had always bigger dots.
    Like that:

  10. RyanOh

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    Jun 10, 2016
    String tree for A/D is parallel with the E string peg head on my Stringray. That one is in a weird place.

    New decal on a SUB?

    I'd go $200 if it plays ok
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  11. Definitely something up? But really interested in knowing what or where it came from, maybe an old SUB ?
  12. It has all USA EB hardware, but odd neck...possible SUB neck?

    SUB headstock/string retainer:

    EBMM headstock/string retainer:
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  13. Did the SUB come with a maple fret board? And when was the first year for SUBs? I mean this neck felt and looked 30 years old at least
  14. Yes, they had maple fretboards (see my edited post with photos).
    The string retainer is in the SUB’s location, sort of between the E and D, where the EB retainer is right next to the E.
    It would be easier to find an old Music Man reproduction waterslide decal than an EB decal...
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  15. I think there is someone in the Los Angeles/Orange County area doing large quantities of “counterfeit “ basses on CL. I bought a Fender off CL recently that someone had done fantastic refinishing work with the decals (no decal edges) fret filing, the neck feels awesome. I new it wasn’t genuine but turned out to be a Squier Standard, so I then used the neck with high-end parts and an Allparts body. Paid to much originally on CL for the bass but I couldn’t be happier with the end result.
    In this case of the MM I believe it’s possibly that the same person is doing relic work too that is pretty close to my RW Fenders attention to detail, seems almost like a small shop is kicking these counterfeits out lately on CL?

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  16. rashrader

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    Best case scenario? It’s a replacement neck and everything else is legit.

    Worst case?? It’s all fake.

    Either way, don’t expect to be buying an EBMM SR4.
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  17. InhumanResource

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    Pre EB should be 3 bolt too, no?
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  18. jd56hawk


    Sep 12, 2011
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    Interested at $600?
  19. More like interested in what exactly it is and then negotiate from there, but no longer interested ;)

    I think that people getting good at the whole make it “relic” is becoming a little bit of a problem for buying vintage gear?
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  20. toomanyslurpees


    Jan 21, 2009
    The bridge was downsized in 98 I’m pretty sure... so body is late 90s at the oldest... I’m on the ‘neck is curious’ camp as well. Definitely not a neck that would match that headstock decal or it would have a bullet truss rod nut and a skunk strip. Body looks legit as far as I can tell from the pics because the bridge is usually what’s way off on copies.

    I think for $600 you’d be paying an alright price for a Stingray body and tuners with a free who knows what neck... (well, I’m thinking in Canadian dollars... $600 usd is probably quite high)
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