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  1. I recently traded Tom Geroy my Eden WT400 for his Euphonic Audio iAMP 350 to use as my "big rig" with a fine, carved bass on which I have installed a Realist. I have both the EA v208 and V110 cabinets. I've only had it a week now and have played just one gig with the new amp, but I wanted to post my impressions. After a year of using the V208 with the Eden as the main rig, bringing the V110 along only when I needed a lot of volume or wanted to place a second speaker on the other side of the stage, I've found that the V110 sounds better with the iAMP350 as the main setup--it is louder and a bit richer in sound. When I hook up the V208 in addition, this sucker is LOUD.

    Friday night I played a straight ahead jazz gig with a guitar trio, tenor and female vocalist at a local bar restaurant. I used my carved bass, and the Realist plugged directly into the iAMP and the V110. I got a lot of compliments from people who were there, including a couple of bass players who came up and introduced themselves and said the bass sounded very natural. However, to get a sound that I liked, I used the iAMP in "flat" mode and had to turn the bass knob fully to the left. With this setting, the instrument sounded percussive and woody. With the bass knob set flat, it was all "woomph."

    I have yet to put the Golden Trinity mic back on and experiment more with it combined with the Realist thru my RavenLabs PMB-1. Maybe this week, I'll have time to do that. It is sure is cool though to just be able to plug directly into the amp and not have to fool a preamp, power supply, mic positioning, and all of the other stuff you have to futz with when you're running the pickup and mic combination.

    BTW, I find the sound of the iAMP 350 much more natural and HiFi than the Eden, and as a result, much better sounding for acoustic bass. This setup, when bungee corded to a luggage rack, is easy enough to move around and sufficiently better sounding that I'm going to put my GK MB150 away for a while and let the EA gear be my amp for all occasions.
  2. Low Note, I use the same set up except with an iAmp 600. I love the sound of the 208 with my double bass but have been bringing the 110 only for most jazz gigs. I found that my underwood sounds better though the iAmp than my Realist . The Realist is very boomy. I like the sound of them combined but can't always borrow my friends mixer. I'll try rolling off all the bass next time. I'm probably going to sell my 208 and get the louder EA 112 for my TOP tribute band.
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    Which 110 do you have, the VL or CXL series?

    I really like my VL-208, but the CXL-112 is tempting, too, with its much higher efficiency - The VL-208 and CXL-112 are almost exactly the same size and weight. Can't decide whether to try and find another 208 or just go to the 112. The CXL-112 definitely has more potential to be aggressive, for electric bass work, but I love its double bass sound when I turn down the horn just a little - sounds just like the slightly tamer CXL-110, except for the bottom extension.
  4. Bob, my 110 is a VL. I love the sound of the 208. The only reason I am selling it is that my funk gig is a really loud band. 11 piece, (5 horns, gtr, drums, hammond, two vocals) The stages aren't big enough for a lot of gear (especially when you have to share it with an organ and drums) Right now I use my 208 and 110 for the gig with my iAmp head powering the 208 and(occasionally) my Carvin r600 as a slave for the 110. This is a great sounding rig but takes up a little more space than I usually have available. With the 112 I could get the same volume and great sound but take up less space. The other factor is that I live downtown in Montreal. It isn't always practical to drive to my gigs. It is usually easier to walk or take the subway. It would be so much easier to put my iAmp and one cab on my cart and walk to my gig. If I drove to every gig I would just get another 208. This combo sounds amazing. I think the 208 is the best sounding cab in the VL series. If you are interested in my 208, email or PM me.
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