Reamping a Piccolo bass - which amp?

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  1. JZQuantum


    Oct 12, 2008
    I have recorded a piccolo bass track. I would like to reamp it with a reamp box by sending it from my DAW to a UA 6176 preamp and back to my DAW on a different track. I want it to sit nice and bright in the mix and I can get the sound I like from the pre amp.

    I will record that signal with an amp and a mic. I have tried it with a Roland Microcube guitar amp and an SM57. The result is ok, but even a low volumes and high passing the track, I can't get the result I really want. This amp clearly isn't meant for this use.

    Question: Which amp would you suggest for reamping in this situation? Should I look at a traditional guitar amp since I want a brighter sound, or do you think a bass combo amp can get me there? Which model do you recommend?
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