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  1. I need to upgrade from my Trace Elliot, 65w, 1x12, combo... I love that Trace sound but I'm pushing it pretty hard. My bass is a 5 string fretless with active pickups. What I need is advice on a couple of specific areas.

    1. Speaker cab... seems like the trend is 4x10s, but those cabs are too big for me, and I'm worried about the 10s not going deep enough, 15s and 18s probably can't get high enough without an added horn and weigh a ton... would a 2x12 be a good compromise? If so, who makes really good 2x12 cabs?

    2. I need a head that's about 200w or so... nothing big... I don't need 10,000w for head room. I also like that tube sound (my home stereo even has tubes in the pre-amp, amp, AND CD player!) Whos heads should I be checking out?
  2. captainpabst


    Mar 18, 2001
    i don't know what kind of $ you're prepared to spend, but yeah, a 2x12 would be a good compromise - check out an Eden 2x12.

    i would also suggest checking out an acme low B2 at - it's less efficient, so it'll take more power than the eden to play as loud. but it's a great cab - it uses 10's, but they'll go plenty low. also euphonic audio (EA) makes some killer compact, light, full range cabs. kinda pricey though.

    it's hard to get a decent head for too much less than 500 bux brand new. look at these for something 'affordable':

    galllien krueger 400rb
    hartke 4000
    carvin r600 (
    swr workingman's 4004
    ampeg b2r

    if you want to spend more, look at heads by SWR, eden, ampeg, aguilar, trace elliot, Gallien Krueger...look at and for an idea of what's out there. go to a music store like sam ash, guitar center, or mars, and play everything there.

    for a tube head, look at the sunn 300t, ampeg svt2, or the aguilar 359 (i think that's the model # if i'm not mistaken...). these are expensive and require more maintenence work though.

    good luck man!
  3. leper


    Jun 21, 2001
    what about getin two small cabs? a 2x10 and a 15 would be movable without a team of mules, but still pound the hell out of your chest.

    As for tubey sounding stuff on a budget, ampeg?
  4. mikemulcahy


    Jun 13, 2000
    The Abyss
    I think JT uses 12's. Ask him.

  5. superphat


    Sep 30, 2001
    i played some 2x12s (boogie and aguilar - actually the aguilar was 2 separate 1x12) and i liked them alot.
    however i ended up getting a 4x8 (swr henry jr.) to compliment my 4x10s. i'm still not quite sure why i chose that route :p but it was intriguing to me. it should arrive in a few days. if you can find one, it's a lot lighter than most 4x10s, and slightly more compact in dimensions, you might like it. you said 4x10s were too big for you. But don't worry about 4x10s not delivering enough low end, i think they're fine for most applications (my goliath III has plenty of bottom for my tastes) and i think even the 4x8s would surprise you. (unfortunately i haven't heard the 4x8s yet, but i played some 8x8s before and i loved them).
  6. Thanks for the input... now I've got more food for thought... Mike, (I may be ignorant, but who is JT and how do I ask him?:confused: )

    Thanks again... this is a great site.