Reattaching the neck after shipping?

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  1. Hi.

    I am to receive a bass (a Lakeland DJ5) shipped from US to Europe in the next few days, and to reduce shipping costs the seller and I agreed upon detaching the neck and body and ship the bass in two parts - a lot cheaper that way.

    But that do I have to be aware of when reattaching the neck?
    The seller has recommended that I sand the neck pocket with very fine sandpaper, makes sense to me...

    But how tight must I tighten the screws holding the neck, and in any particulate order?!?

    I know I should get professional help (with the bass!) but money is tight these days, so if I could do it myself...

    As you properly can tell; I have no experience in instrument building though I know my way around the toolbox, so any help to ensure a proper reattachment would be much appreciated.

  2. Assuming it's a standard 4 bolt neck with a plate:
    -seat the neck firmly in the pocket. Make sure it's tight and there are no gaps. I wouldn't sandpaper until you've tried it first and notice bumps or issues.
    -once it's in place lay the bass on it's front, keeping the neck firmly seated. Put the plate on top and slip the 4 bolts into the holes.
    -Finger tighten each bolt
    -Tighten with a proper sized allen key or screwdriver, I generally just tighten each one a little more until they are snug, then give them a final tighten all around, not too tight to strip them.

    It's pretty easy, if you can change a tire, you can attach a neck! Heck even if you can't, it's not that hard. Just give it a try and you should have no problems.
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    The neck may need to drop in from the front of the body rather than slide in from the end. The neck / pocket might have a very slight taper to it. I'm not sure if Lakland does this, but many other manufacturers do.
  4. Eight_Stringer


    Feb 22, 2009
    Just had 3 Ibanez basses ship here with necks detached. SR300,705,706. The 706 and 705 had 2 different length ( shorter ) fastners for the front ( closest to the machine head ) and the SR300F had only one about 1/16th inch shorter than the other three ( lower left as you look from the fastner side ). Mention this as know nothing about the Lakland, though have a great fear of rupturing timber faces with protruding incorrect fastners.

    Take your time putting it back together and do not be too quick to assess the setup of the neck/body/string interaction, wait a few days for all the parts to settle again then assess the setup for your playing technique. The SR300F move(d) noticably over a week.

    Enjoy your new bass! Regards.