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Rebuilding a beat-up '92 Foundation

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by Old Schooler, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. Old Schooler

    Old Schooler

    Aug 22, 2008
    Got a badly gored-up body in the shop for re-painting now. Took forever to fix the gouges and scratches. Need a set of tuning keys (and recommendations?) and a bridge. The original bridge is pretty badly rusted and if I can't find another I'd like to solicit ideas on refinishing...Have rewired the electronics with sheilded wiring, foil-tape lined the cavities, and grounds to a star configuration (no noise here, my friends!). Love the original super-ferrite pickups (had some in an early model Patriot). Any comparisons/replacements that won't require extensive routing, etc.?
  2. Peavey used a schaller roller bridge on the Dynabass so it should work on the Foundation. The '92 bridge had the standard 7 screw mount that was used on Patriots and Furys all the way back to the early eighties. They pop up with quite a bit of regularity on ebay, so you could just keep your eyes open. The tuners seem to be a bit of a problem. Schallers and Grovers with the screw on ferrells will work, and originals seem to be getting harder to find. I know of at least two tbers looking for a set now. I would bet that modern Fender tuners would work, but then you would have Fender on your Peavey.

    By the way, in my experience, the sheilding is probably not necessary with superferrites. They are potted so well that the seem to have little if any interference problems. All three of my Foundations and my patriot are dead silent in terms of outside noise.

    Good luck on your refin. If your interested in comparing, I just completed a Foundation/Dyna Bass project myself. It is on the Foundation Database Thread.

    Note: I was just looking at my '92 and realized I made a mistake. Depending on when in '92 your bass was made, the tuners may be an easier fix. Many of the '92s have Fender style tuners with push in ferells. If you have this type Gotoh, Dixon, Ping, Wilkensen, and several others make similar style tuners. My first suggestion would be to look at Gotohs. They have a reputation for quality and good prices.

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