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  1. Hi all

    I have a fender jazz type bass in need of a new bridge. Problem is that the stock bridge is recessed into the body and seems most the replacement bridges do not fit. Bridges that are made as fender jazz replacement bridges are too large to fit in the pocket recess.

    My options are to:

    1) make a shim to go under the replacement bridge. My inclination is to go this route as it would be non destructive.
    2) Route the body for the larger bridge. Concern is that the body has a gorgeous black lacquer finish.
    3) Leave as is and continue to deal with walking bridge saddles. (not desirable). I haven't been playing it as much as it gets annoying due to the saddles moving.
    4) Sell the bass. I keep thinking about that but just can't seem to do it because I really like the bass and it was my first bass.

    The bass is a Fender Aerodyne.

    Thoughts? I was thinking of using sheet delrin as a shim material.
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    Are the saddles moving side to side, or down? If side to side, you might consider replacing the saddles with the threaded ones. That way you can angle the outer strings so that they squeeze the other saddles together and help prevent side to side movement. If the saddles are moving down on their own, a bit of blue Loctite or some nail polish on the set screws will handle that just fine.
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  3. Saddles tend to walk toward the pickups. its not the elevation that's changing, but they are walking along the adjuster screws toward the pickups. I may get some some service removable Loctite from Grainger.
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