Recieved a great gift!

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  1. I went to band rehearsal tonight, and our male vocalist/guitarist handed me a large, heavy book. It's Geddy Lee's Big beautiful book of bass. To top it off, it's signed personally to me by the legend himself.

    Geddy was doing a book signing at Cosmo Music, just outside of Toronto. My singer went there to get a book signed, and picked one up for me too. How cool. I wish I'd known about it before he went. Oddly enough, Dave Grohl was there too, hanging out with Geddy.

    Can't wait to look through it. IMG_20190603_223228.jpg IMG_20190603_223319.jpg IMG-20190601-WA0005.jpg
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    Very cool! See? Not all singer/guitar players are bad after all! :hyper:
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  3. Nice! My wife's parents gave me a copy (not signed, of course) for last Christmas. It's great book.
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