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Recomend me a 1x15 cab.

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by double-muff, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. double-muff


    May 5, 2007

    I recently got a Hartke HA3500 with a 4x10 transporter cab.
    But i want a 1x15 to go with it so now i ask you to recomend me a 1x15 cab.

    I don't want to shop online because it cost almost as much as buying it from a store, so i have these companies to choose from.


    1..2..3.. GO!
  2. tombowlus

    tombowlus If it sounds good, it is good Gold Supporting Member

    Apr 3, 2003
    North central Ohio
    Editor-in-Chief, Bass Gear Magazine
  3. sevenyearsdown

    sevenyearsdown Supporting Member

    Jan 29, 2008
    Sanborn, NY
    I have the same setup. I went with an ampeg svt15 (american made). If you have any questions feel free to pm me.
  4. ASHDOWN !!!!!!!!!!!! ALL THE WAY! ...but i guess it depends on the sound u want. if u can... an ABM!
  5. 62bass


    Apr 3, 2005
    Value wise I'd go with the Yorkville. I own one of their older 1x15 cabinets without the tweeter. It's a good stand alone or with a 2x10. I used a pair of them for years driven by a GK400RB. Great sound.

    One of these days I might drop a 15" Neo in it. That would lighten it up by about 10 lbs, I reckon. But even as it is with the stock 300 watt ceramic magnet Eminence it's only about 55 lbs.
  6. Brado


    Oct 19, 2005
    Buda, TX.
    I would recomend the most expensive thing you can find. ha ha ha ha ha just kidding! Too bad for me, I've fallen in love with Accu Groove cabs. They have a 15"...the Tri 115 They're not cheap cabs...they're high end in all respects. It's a matter of what works & sounds right to you. Plug into some things.....see what lights you up.
  7. Rezdog

    Rezdog Supporting Member

    Feb 17, 2004
    T.Rez, Canada
    Greetings from the North,

    If you can get Yorkville then you can get Traynor. Check out the New Traynor TC115. It's bigger and packs more wallup than the Yorkville XC115. It also comes with a truck bed type covering and pop out castors. It Rocks.

  8. lazyone2


    Jul 27, 2006
    new jersey shore
    With the set up you have the Hartke 115XL would fit really well and should be the least expensive of the the lot.
  9. +2 on the hartke cab, get the regular hartke 15 not the transporter for the bottom. a matching stack will be alot easier to sell or trade later down the line,,, it will sound good too!

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