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  1. now that i have a decent amp, i'm thinking it's time to upgrade from my starter bass and could use some hints b4 i start crusing around and playing what's out there. the sound i am looking for is more on the warm, rather than on the bright end of things, (will use nickel round-wounds), rich sub and over tones (this is hard to explain), very easy action - easy to play, good sustain on all strings... all for under $1,000... if possible. i have a 4 string and am thinking of going with a 5, but am not sure yet. i know some of this is vague but i hope you get the idea. am looking for brand recomendation and then i'll have to drive for hours to demo since i live in the sticks!
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    Nice amp, Wattoosi, I like mine too!:cool:

    A lot of the things you are describing you can get in an American Deluxe Precision bass, with both pickups on. When you make that trek to try out some basses, make sure that one is on the list.
  3. thanks jeff! love it! i've only had it about 3 weeks now. last sunday it nicely cut through the lead guitarist's new 4X12 100watt cab and my son said he could FEEL the bass all the way in the back of the room (which is only about 60 feet, but still not bad!) -- not that we were having any kind of contest or anything!
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