Recommend a bridge for a Foundation?

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  1. Greywoulf

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    Sep 15, 2000
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    While I'm waiting for a Peavey neck wrench to arrive to maybe solve some other unresolved problems with my newly accquired older Peavey Foundation bass, can someone recommend a good replacement bridge to use on this bass? The only requirements are that it be a 4 with 2.25" spacing between the o/s strings, it has to be sturdier than the crummy stocker, it has to sit flat on top of the bass, no routing, and it shouldn't run much more than $50 (and preferrably a bit less).
    So far, I'm thinking:
    BadAss-2 ?
    Hipshot (from Carvin) ?
    a Gotah?
    Or any other good 'uns someone might know of?
  2. BadAss II - Very expensive - usually $60 and up

    Hipshot - inexpensive, sturdy, stable, ho-hum design

    Gotoh - Right price, Lots to choose from, good bridges in several models

    Schaller - Adjustable string spacing, less than
    $50 new from ebay sellers, very fine bridges.

    Custom Shop Parts - A variety of copies of some of the best bridges around - excellent quality, nothing over $45

    Hope this helps
  3. redneck2wild


    Nov 27, 2002
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    I think Peavey used Schaller bridges on some of the Bass models in the late 80's and early 90's including the Dyna-Bass series.

    The Dyna-Bass series was basically a Foundation Bass with active electronics and a Schaller bridge. There were other options available for DynaBass models including some with Neck through body construction.

    Is the neck a Solid Maple neck? The Solid Maple Neck on the 80's Model Foundations is very bright.

    Did you need the wrench for the Trusrod or the one for tilting the neck?
    Before you adjust the trusrod, you might want to check the tilt on the neck. Some dealers tilt the neck during setup as it changes the playability of the higher frets.
  4. Greywoulf

    Greywoulf Supporting Member

    Sep 15, 2000
    Freehold, NJ. USA
    Yes, helps quite a bit... A further question tho: the Custom Shop Parts bridges, they look pretty sturdy for the $$. Are they really comparable to a Gotoh or a Shaller?
  5. Greywoulf

    Greywoulf Supporting Member

    Sep 15, 2000
    Freehold, NJ. USA
    I know about the tilt adj. That's just a 1/8 Allen wrench. I tried adj tilt, and not much improvement resulted. The truss rod requires a special Peavey wrench. The action on this bass is way too low; I want to try adj the truss rod before I may have the nut replaced. (See also, Bad Nut, I think? posting in this forum...)
  6. IMO there isn't any discernible quality difference in the comparison of Custom Shop and Gotoh or Schaller. They do what they do. You may find features on any example from the three that are more to your liking than others but each does the task well.