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    May 25, 2014
    TL;DR : What’s a VCA style or similar uncolored comp that’s not too large and easy to get the gain right?

    So I’ve been using my Keeley gc-2 for a particular sound that I really like, basically where it kills my dynamics and I can hold a whole note for a while. I run the compression at about noon, threshold so I’m over most of the time if I play consistently, and output at unity. I think of it as my “keyboard” sound, basically I can use it where I need my fundamental to sustain until I re-articulate. It’s also great for when I need to be just rock solid for a section with consistent eighth or sixteenth notes.

    The problem I’ve found is that at this setting I find VERY hard to set the output to unity for this sound. Something about the difference between apparent volume & actual volume is messing with my head a lot, I always set it too low when I listen to just my bass and then in a band setting I kick it in and it’s too quiet. Unfortunately I can’t just leave it one place as it reacts very differently to my pickups or pick/fingers and I sometimes use eq before it. The output knob is sensitive enough that moving it with my foot is a stressful experience.

    I feel like the natural recommendation would be the mxr m87, but I had that pedal and it was also a bear to dial in, for the same issue @bongomania pointed out that the input is tricky to get right (where the keeley is much easier in that regard.)

    Been reading ovni and compressor pedal reviews and not coming up with a good solution.

    So what do you got that’s worked like this? Not really interested in a comp that imparts flavor or beefs things up, I already have a diamond jr. I think a VCA type is the trick but I’m not married to it. If it had a release control that would be neat so I can set it slow. I sorta need something small if I can get it, board is getting crowded. I’d prefer something I can pick up for under $150 used, $200 tops.

    Do you also run a similar sound? How’d you make it work?
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    Hey thanks!