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  1. I started off with a behringer bass OD and didn't really like it, it sounded a bit rough around the edges. I later got the Zoom pedals and modelled the behringer (using the model of the Boss pedal that the behringer was based on) and it sounded much better, getting a clearer, creamier overdriven tone. While I find many bass overdrive tones on the Zoom to be horrible (not sure if it's because they're Zoom/digital or because many overdriven bass sounds sound bad to me) I am able to get a fair few nice sounding overdriven bass tones too.

    While I am more than happy with many of the tones, I would like to try some lower price dedicated overdrive pedals for bass. Can anyone recommend some lower priced ones that they feel around decent? Thanks :)
  2. If you are looking for cheap OD, they're discontinued but second hand the ibanez pd7 has a good overdrive in my opinion... At least decent for a cheap one.
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  3. NortyFiner

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    EHX Bass Soul Food is relatively cheap and has gotten good reviews here.

    The Behringer BOD, from what I know, is basically the Boss ODB-3 in a cheaper box, so you may or may not want to skip that one.
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  4. FilterFunk

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    Arion Bass Distortion - it can do overdrive, too.

    Nobels ODR-B - especially if you like having excellent control over mids with one knob.
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    It's hard to give recommendations without a price range, but Joyo has a ton of drive pedals that are wicked cheap.
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  6. It depends on your budget. Cheap to me for a new pedal is about $150. Less than a hundo is bargain basement cheap, and if they're new they don't usually sound very good. It also depends on how aggressive a sound you want. I had a Bass Soul Food and really liked it, but when I used it in a heavy rock situation it just disappeared. It's on the subtle side of OD. For around a hundred there's the very good Hartke Attack pedal, and for about $140 theres the MXR Bass Distortion. If you roll the drive back if does a good OD and can get as aggro as you can stand it to be and then some. I think MXR may also have a bass overdrive now, too.
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    I don't think any of them are bass-specific per se, but the Ultimate Drive is modeled on a Fulltone OCD and sounds good with bass.
  8. Perrygoround


    Jun 27, 2016
    I have it and I am quite happy with it. Is not for heavy distortions or fuzz, though. But the overdriven tones are really nice, subttle enough not to get lost in the mix, but with enough dirt to really spice things up. Also I notice a bit of a mid bump when using it, which fits really nicely with my rig.
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    The new Southampton 5th Gear will get pretty crunchy. I've been using their first model of that pedal, and like it a lot; got an order in for the new one.

    They have a demo vid up on their web page.
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    the druid fuzz is real affordable
  11. Joyo California Sound can do everything from clean sparkly tube, warm, crunch, ovedrive all the way to uber destructo mode.
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  12. Shamiri On Bass

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    @bassbrad is right, I have the Joyo California Sound and the American Sound and both are great, in fact I recently used the American Sound as a preamp to record into a really bad quality tape mixer and it came out sounding much much better than the drums or vocals.
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    For me, generally the modeling pedals, especially the cheap ones like Zoom, usually sound okay for the time based effects, but leave much to be desired for Dynamic effects, like distortion and OD. There are TONS of cheap pedals out there, many great suggestions already, like the Bass Soul Food, here's a few more

    Greyscale devices makes one called an Amulet that's voiced for bass, I see them around pretty cheap. Deluxe Bass Muff is got lots of features for cheap. MXR bass OD's show up used cheap. There's a bass blogger on reverb right now cheap. MXR Blowtorch on there too if you want to get more heavy.

    I pretty much always buy used, once you get about three or four, you'll decide which one you like least and sell or trade it, then you'll add another and keep rotating the one out, pretty soon you'll have a nice collection of stuff you really like. At least that's what happened to me.
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  16. TheLopp


    Dec 30, 2013
    I really like OD/distortion pedals and I have a bunch but my latest purchase was a Digitech Hardwire CM-2 and it sounds absolutely fantastic to me. I got it for 35$! It goes from subtle to full on distortion and is really touch sensitive. It sounds a lot more expensive.
  17. The Joyo's mentioned have all been great, and I've only heard good things about the CM-2 also. Looks like you're on the right path!

    Without knowing the exact price you're looking at, I'd recommend a Way Huge Pork loin. About $80 used, so not cheap, but not expensive either. It's my favorite all-purpose dirt.
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  18. see above post... not bass specific, but you cannot go wrong with a Pork Loin....
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  19. strictlybass_ic

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    Joyo ultimate drive. It's a very affordable clone of the OCD.

    If you're handy with a soldering iron a Boss ODB-3 with the wampler mods was probably my most usable OD ever. Highly recommended.
  20. waveman


    Sep 25, 2008
    Used SA OFD maybe?

    I also like the Xotic BB Bass Preamp. I actually bought one based on the Zoom Model. To be honest, I just use the Zoom when playing live since it gets really close.